About our Farm


We grow food for our local urban community using organic and regenerative farming principles.

Together as a community we grow amazing organic produce for members and the wider community via our partners at St Pat's Freo. Join us on volunteer mornings to help out!

Membership includes access to pick your own produce from the farm. Enjoy locally grown fresh, healthy and delicious produce.

Farm to plate like you’ve never tasted before.

<<< Actual produce!!

We learn together through participation, workshops and knowledge sharing.

At our regular volunteering mornings you can learn all aspects of small space market gardening - fancy tools, growing from seeds, composting... so many jobs! 

We also run regular workshops throughout the year. Sometimes these are run by our Farmer, sometimes we get in special guests. Workshops are free for Full and Social Farm Members. 


We are inclusive and create social connections for happy, healthy and resilient communities and people.

Meet people, get outside, be active and mingle with your community.

Every volunteer morning includes the very important tea break! Pop down and have a cuppa with us - everyone is welcome!

Be part of Western Australia's only social farm where you are valued for sharing your stories, skills and knowledge.

We were so excited to be featured on Gardening Australia in 2022 - meeting Costa and Josh at the Farm was such a highlight!