We’re stoked to introduce you to Amy. She’s a Freo local and has a tonne of experience working with community, in sustainability and gardening. Many of you may know her from her work with Hilton Harvest.


Tom lives across the road from the farm and likes having a beer of an evening while keeping an eye on the crops…his engineering and business skills may also come in handy.


Joce likes to bring cake to board meetings, making her the favourite. She is also our gun numbers and compliance person (her day job is an accountant). This double whammy make her the first, second and third favourite board member. Easily.


Having spend his childhood on a farm and his career in forests and conservation, growing is in Hugh's bones. His feel for the technical side of the Farm is priceless.


Local mum and all round techy legend, Kylie takes on mountains of unsexy admin work. She is the unsung powerhouse behind the scenes!


Louise Tarrier - BOARD MEMBER

Permaculture is her passion, as is planting trees. A Fremantle local, you will often find her walking her dog Elsa or paddle boarding on the river. Louise is a qualified accountant and CEO of Carbon Positive Australia.


Sophie James-Ross - BOARD MEMBER

Sophie loves anything to do with plants and has 13 years experience in the Horticulture and Landscape Industry. Soph owns her own business The Lady of the Leaves.  

Soph has a special interested in how gardening and nature has a positive effect on our wellbeing, confidence and connection with others. Sophie has a caring attitude to those in our community who are doing it tough with housing, mental health and disabilities.


Renée has held an inspired vision for the North Freo Social Farm since the very beginning. Renée has incredible knowledge of the site, obsession with market gardens, passion for social impact and wellbeing, plus a killer relationship skills. She is, a star!

Renee graciously, generously and unassumingly lead the transition from phase one, Growing Change to phase two North Freo Social Farm. The Farm as we know it would not exist with out Renee. Now, no longer a formal Board member, she is our strong supporter and will always be our Founder. 


You can't raise a Farm without a village. These folks are absolute legends because, while not formal board members, they come to meetings, take on extra jobs and/or contribute above and beyond!

Terra Tormey - Website/membership/ticketing legend. Terra keeps things ticking along behind the scenes perfectly. There is no technical question too tricky for this very clever lady!

Brian King - King of the compost system and manager of our rather lucrative Containers for Change system. 

Helen House - Grant manager, workshop support and builder of friendly relationships. Also on the Little Pantry team.

Penny Sinclair - Health and safety guru and powerhouse behind the Little Pantry

Jane Page - Events supporter, and on the Little Pantry team. 

Jenny Lane - Manager of the annual Olive oil Pick n Press. 

Robyn Fittock - Events supporter and Containers for Change enthusiast. 

Wai Yin - Events supporter, adviser (often from afar, darn that shift work!)