Sunday 7 May, 10am to 3pm, at North Freo Social Farm

AUD 80.00

Do you want to learn what plants really eat? And how to help them get it? Fall passionately in love with good soil as you work through the key characteristics of the stuff, followed by practical principles for repairing, building and maintaining your own bit of earth. You will never see the ground in the same way again...

Your presenter, Annie Raser-Rowland is a graduate of horticulture and permaculture certificates, general natural world info-junkie, plant nerd. Growing her own food was her original motivation for all this learning,  and continues to strike her as a small and elegant magic - a passion for healthy soil, and for wild foods (from weeds to bush foods) has followed.  She has spent three months working on the environmental systems of an 'ecovillage' in Tanzania, done permaculture design work with Very Edible Gardens, and worked for many years at CERES bush foods and permaculture nursery. 

This workshop includes morning tea, please bring your own lunch.

When: Sunday 7 May, 10am to 3pm

Where: North Fremantle Social Farm, Thompson Rd, North Fremantle (next to the Community Hall)

Cost: $40 for members (please enter code NFSFMEMBER for your discount), $80 non-members. New social members always welcome, become a member here!

Bring: Lunch. Please also bring a smallish clean jar (like a jam jar), and a minimum of 1 soil sample (1/2 a cup) from your garden. Compost and trouble area samples welcome.

Pick Olives from Thursday 27 April to Sunday 30 April, Pressing on Monday 1 May

AUD 20.00

We are running the olive oil pick n press again this year!

How it works:

- You must be a North Freo Social Farm Member (If you are not a member register and pay your membership here)

- Book your place pay your $20 deposit (non refundable). Booking is essential as we've only booked a certain amount to be pressed. 

- Pick your olives between Thursday 27 April to Sunday 30 April. Please pick between 30 and 100kgs.

- On the Sunday arvo you drop olives off to us at the Farm and we deliver the olives to York to be pressed on Monday.

- You pay for your proportion of olives/oil and we will decant your oil ready for pick up.

Things to know:

- Olive oil return is generally around 10-15% (10kg of olives = 1 to 1.5L olive oil)

- Small dark olives provide the most oil, but you can pick any colour, any size olives

- There are loads of neighbourhood trees that go unpicked, so ask around.

- There are many different methods of picking - but some simple tools such as an olive rake and a tarp or sheet can be very handy!

When: Pick - Thursday 27 April to Sunday 30 April, Pressing - Monday 1 May

Where: Find your own olive trees, drop olives to North Freo Social Farm 3pm to 5pm, Sunday 30 April 

Who: Members only. New Social Members welcome! Register here.

Cost: You only pay for your portion of olive oil but we ask for a $20 booking deposit (non refundable). The deposit will come off your total cost of the oil once we have worked out your portion due.

More info: Contact Jenny at