Indoor plant masterclass with Elly Sumner

Saturday 16th October, 9.30am North Freo Social Farm

Join horticulturalist and indoor plant expert Elly Sumner as we discover the benefits of indoor plants, how they clean your air and why they are great for mental health. Elly will talk about styling in the home and small v's statement plants. 

Then we'll get into plant care - what individual plants need, what are great high and low light plants and what are great starting out plants. You'll also learn about the dangers of certain plant species with pets.

Lastly we'll do some propagation so people can start or add to their indoor plant collection. Elly will discuss water v's soil propagating, propagations care and how to pick a plant to propagate.

This workshop includes morning tea and a chance to take a peek at our special little urban farm!

When: Saturday 16th October, 9.30am to 11.30am
Where: North Fremantle Social Farm, Thompson Rd, North Fremantle (next to the Community Hall)
Cost: Free for members (please enter code NFSFMEMBER for your discount), $20 non-members
Bring: Garden gloves, covered shoes, good vibes
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